Monday, December 13, 2004

Prayer for a Productive Day

My prayer earlier this morning didn't post...! Here is a condensed version:

Dear Heavenly Father,

Lord, I Love You. You are always taking care of me, providing for my family and I...! You're just an Awesome God. Thank You for your Love. Thank You for saving us. Oh Lord, I pray today that all day long I honor you. I got up early this morning just to spend time with you in prayer and the study of your word. I want to honor He who honored me...!

Lord You gave us such an awesome weekend, and the week ahead looks to be much of the same... I am so grateful for nice weather...!

Father, I pray for myself this morning. I need to have a good productive morning. Bless my day Lord. Help me to get much accomplished. Today I do all things in the spirit of doing those things for you, Father. I give my utmost for Your Highest...!

Father, in the way of intercession this morning, please lift up my sweet wife. She has been very sick with morning sickness for over a week now. Heal her. Calm her stomach oh Divine Physician...!

Lord, I also remember Jesse phipps who goes to viait a new Doctor today. I pray for both the Doctor and Jesse today, Lord.

Thank You Lord for being such an awesome God that hears and answers prayer. I claim victory in Jesus. I Love you Lord. I dedicate this day to you.

In Jesus' Name I Pray, AMEN

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